Ceiling Price Scheme



X-Factory Price 

Looking to run your business according to your own rules? That means the rules apply to your purchases as well. Have you been having troubles finding products you need a consistent supply of for an affordable price?

Allow us to introduce to you a new term, X-Factory Price. This means you, the buyer, can get a certain amount of supply for a reasonable price set up by the factory. Plus, you control when and how you get your goods. Sounds cool? Keep reading then!

Problem Identification

  • Sellers might be worried about inflation since this constant increase in price puts a pause on companies income
  • There is often a shortage of products in the market during the end of the year
  • If the client is buying in bulk, they might be worried the deal is too costly and proving to be counterproductive
  • Consumer might be suffering due to a lack of quota


  • Here at Conworld you manufacturer can offer deals and packages
  • Clients can find one that matches their needs the best. These save them from inflation of prices and the negatives that comes with it
  • Forming a contract with a manufacturer ensures you no longer have to worry about running short on products

What The Customer’s Get Out Of It

  • Increase in price is a repercussion of inflation. But these ensure you don’t have to worry about the project price shooting suddenly
  • A negotiated price ensures the consumer as well as the seller are satisfied
  • Stockpiling comes with an increase in prices. This often means an immense shortage in essential products. With a fixed quota you don’t have to worry about that
  • You have the free will of increasing the quota whenever your needs increase


  • Small businesses often suffer due to inflation. But with our fixed prices you won’t have to worry about the negative effects of inflation
  • Sellers ensure the prices are negotiated so as to not exceed your budget. This allows you to get the most in the least possible
  • A whole lot of people believe in hoarding. A natural consequence of which is its unavailability for others. As someone running a business, that could be fatal for you. That’s where our quota comes in
  • If your business is growing, chances are you need more products. This fixed quota can be increased by 10% or so yearly



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