Why should Manufacturers Join Us 


Inspire Architects 

  • Showcase your products on Conworld’s Website
  • Let architects download your Brochures and 3D files to 
  • Compel architects to send you requests 
  • Connect with architects by presenting your products being used in previous spectacular projects

Enthrall Through Your Products

  • Allow architects to discern you. Showcase your former projects in Conworld’s Website
  • Tailor your image according to who you are. Captivate architects by exhibiting your prowess in the field through pictures, videos, drawings
  • Differentiate yourself by featuring your previous projects. Let architects identify your products
  • Maximize familiarity by becoming a part of the Product Spec Sheet overview. Get exposure as architects download it.

Showcase Your Brand 

  • Tag your projects on Conworld. Allow architects to perceive your brand 
  • Differentiate your brand by reflecting who you are on the overview. Add to brand awareness by allowing architects to see who you are 
  • Expedite trust by connecting representatives to your brand. Connect with architects faster based on geo location
  • Let architects understand your brand by uploading engrossing company videos
  • Increase exposure by using tags, social media icons, and improving SEO

Reach More Architects and Boost Your Image

  • Extend your by promote your products on our homepage 
  • Get featured on Conworld’s social media. Allow architects to contact your reps through our posts
  • Connect with the right architects based on geo location and job title
  • Secure your product’s placement in the limelight in the product section

Learn To Improve Branding 

  • Track your brand’s performance daily
  • Receive on-demand detailed reports of your brands activity
  • Discover what products attract architects the most
  • Improve brand image by having full management of your reps
  • Benefit from Account Manager Analysis 
  • Get monthly reports and metrics that help you better your brand image
  • Ask queries and receive well-constructed feedback to help you enhance your profile

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