Material Financing for SMEs

Launching Soon is a B2B & B2C ecommerce platform that facilitates raw material procurement and credit for SMEs with focus on infrastructure sectors. We will help SME’s in buying materials at better prices, in project timelines with online and offline support. Key raw materials include building materials, machinery, equipment, metals, chemicals and petrochemicals and so on provides access to cash flow-based financing for buying materials. We pay your supplier upfront and you pay us back. The platform also get the quotes of your requirements from multiple Manufacturers and Suppliers on your behalf and offer you to choose best one to whom you want to pay for material upfront. It is designed for the specific needs of contractors & subcontractors. Get instant cash buying power in your own hands and gain leverage to negotiate with suppliers. Get control on your project cash flow & receive materials quickly and pay for them overtime. The material will be delivered directly at your job site. In this way you can manage overhead costs with less stress and your project will not delay due to non-payment. Construction material prices are normally increases every year due to inflation and so many other factors. So be fast, be quick and grab the opportunity to finish your project within timeline. Save your time and money.

Paying cash, when buying materials from suppliers, usually get you the best price, even in recession, because it reduces payment uncertainty for the suppliers and you can get a cash discount vary from 3% to as high as 7%. Upfront payments are beneficial for suppliers because it reduces risk of non-payment and the cost associated with the collection process, improves cash flow by lowering their Daily Sales Outstanding and enhance cash flow and ability to meet their own payment deadlines from their manufacturers. There are risks involve to slow paying your supplier. First, your supplier relationships will likely suffer, then it may hurt and more delay your business’s ability to obtain additional material if you need it.

At, we will provide a payment solution that will enable construction contractors to free up cash for material purchases while enjoying the flexibility of re-payment at your own pace. So if you’re interested to know more about how Conworld flexible financing solutions can help you achieve your business goals and win more bids, with less hassle and risk, you can register with us today.

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