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This service will be used by Contractors by bidding /quoting their rates through online system. Any person who wants to build new home or any commerical construction or need Construction materials etc can use this service in order to get best Contractor rates/sevices to finish his Projects quickly.




Quick Overview?


Useful for Home Users, Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors, Renovators ,Civil Engineers and Construction Industry Peoples.


Why Use eBidding/Advantages?


  • A trustworthy and reliable platform where suppliers can tender and bidding can take place
  • Well-structured tendering service is provided by professionals working to deliver excellency to the buyers
  • Replacing the manually done tender work with electronics means efficiency and trustworthy back trails
  • Conworld ensures every single bidding process is well-thought out. This ensures a zero error policy.
  • A fast and accurate pre-evaluation helps in getting faster results of who’s interested and who isn’t. This way no suppliers or buyer’s time will be wasted.
  • Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Using e-tendering helps you and the supplier save a whole lot of time and money both.
  • Find serious bidders and reliable suppliers without fear of being tricked.
  • E-bidding ensures none of your precious time is wasted.
  • E-tendering means a whole lot less paperwork. This saves both the buyer and the supplier from wasting time and money.
  • Electronically carrying out the tendering process is more reliable. Complete transparency and increased integrity are bonus points.
  • Buyers receive competitive prices
  • Buyers can reach suppliers worldwide
  • Bids can be easily compared by the buyer
  • Time saving in comparison to usual negotiations
  • Cost saving due to less person hours, less paperwork and less travel costs
  • Suppliers gain more knowledge of the market
  • All bidders have access to the same information and the process is clearly defined
  • Secure Bidding System
  • Suppliers can react directly to bids from competitors
  • Automatically invites all Suppliers to tender and receive multiple quotations online
  • Contact and Deals direct with suppliers with no middle men involvement
  • New way to look for materials, find your suppliers and tender your project within no time easily







Make An Offer


Are you someone who’s seeking high-quality construction material and futuristic machinery to assist you in your construction projects? Maybe you wish to save cash by renting equipment usable only once. Then here are a couple of simple steps you need to follow to make an offer relevant to renting or purchasing the machinery, equipment or materials you need:


  1. Begin by completing an easy-to-read questionnaire expanding on the details of your project. After you’ve added data about the quantity and timeline of your needs, send your proposal.
  2. Vendors in your area attracted by your proposal will send real-time quotations on the project. 
  3. Upon receiving quotations, the buyer may make a one-time discount request to each vendor.
  4. The bidder boasts two choices; either accepting or not accepting the request. If the bidder decides to accept it, an automated unpaid payment process kick starts alongside the details of the project and order, and the customer is notified to complete the deal process within due date.


The Benefits of Choosing Us


Not sure whether this is the calling for you? Read on to find the top benefits of selecting make an offer on our website for connecting with sellers:

  • Avoid having to spend energy and hours searching through a vast market of bidders. Enjoy getting real-time quotes from serious and top bidders in a timely fashion without waiting for hours on end. 
  • Eliminate the risk of being scammed by logging onto our trustworthy website. Here you can easily connect with quality bidders offering state-of-the-art products and services.
  • Get access to an unlimited and vast market of first-rate and out-of-the-world machinery and materials at budget-friendly prices.  
  • Vendors can easily find customers who make purchases at reasonable prices.


1. Construction Materials for Dr Aftab

Due date: 30-11-2024

City: haripur

Publish Date: 20-02-2021

Ending Date: 30-11-2024


(Construction Material)

2. Cement Need

Due date: 15-12-2024

City: Haripur

Publish Date: 14-07-2020

Ending Date: 15-12-2024


(Construction Material)

3. Construction Machinery Need

Due date: 23-12-2024

City: Peshawar

Publish Date: 28-07-2020

Ending Date: 23-12-2024


(Construction Machinery)

4. Construction Materials

Due date: 30-12-2024

City: Abbotabad

Publish Date: 28-07-2020

Ending Date: 30-12-2024


(Construction Material)



Note: Customers can post their Projects here to get quotes from Vendors    


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