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Problem Identification

  • Customers need raw and scrap materials such as steel, concrete, iron ores etc.
  • Lack of a one-stop-shop for all their raw and scrap material needs
  • Customer’s have to look through a hundred different sites to find the right materials
  • Finding top-notch quality materials for fair prices 


  • Conworld connects you with millions of raw material and scraps brands
  • You can find the right materials for your new building 
  • Easily find exceptional quality products that fit in your budget 
  • Satisfy clients by providing all kinds of raw materials and scraps on one page

What The Customer’s Get Out Of It

  • An all-in-one solution to finding all the necessary raw and scrap materials that you and your building need 
  • All types of scrap materials provided by vendors from kettle to furniture woods
  • Ease in finding the right kind of matter for your new buildings
  • A reliable supply of exemplary products 


  • Easily navigate through the website to find whichever raw or scrap material you desire
  • High-grade materials that give your building a contemporary look
  • Customers find  products of impeccable quality in one place 
  • Vendors provide customers with high-strength metals, steel, etc.






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