Charitable Work



Donating is the simplest, kindest deed a person can do. It doesn’t matter how much you give away, it’s the fact that you did something that counts. Just like that companies offer charity work to countless building companies. From a bag of cement to machinery, a vendor can donate whatever they like. 

Not just that, but with a single click you can get your project posted on our site. This way our vendors can donate anything they want and your building will be standing tall in no time! 

Problem Identification

  • People might be having troubles getting donations for their projects
  • Vendors might be afraid of donating to a scammer
  • Donors might have doubts about the case being true. 


  • Conworld provides users with a trustworthy website to post their projects on
  • We provide you with an easy-to-understand form. Once you’ve filled the form according to your needs and requirements, it is posted for donations
  • Thus, these projects are all authorized, meaning vendors can rest assured their donations are going to good use
  • Our verified cases then receive all the donations made without any troubles 

What The Customer’s Get Out Of It

  • Construction of projects that people deem necessary, from Masjids to schools our company authorizes all genuine projects
  • Moreover, our company authorizes projects only if the case is legit and if they legally own the property. This lowers the chances of the donations being used wrongly to zero
  • Vendors can donate anything they want. From a bag of concrete to a heavy machine, you can donate whatever you like


  • You can get your ad places on the site without any unnecessary processing
  • These projects are verified by the company. Once it is ensured they own the property and that the case is genuine, it is posted. 
  • No third party is involved in the donation. Meaning once the ad is posted, every donation goes directly to the user
Vendors can donate equipment, tools, and/or service with ease

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